LiOA produces magnetic wire by solar energy- Lowest cost & Environment protection

We all know very well that the magnetic wire manufacturing consumes a lot of electricity. Below is the process:

First step: Up casting from 99.99% copper cathode to 8mm rod wire. The copper cathode is melted at the temperature of 1,160oC in the copper furnace then up casted into 8mm diameter rod wire. 

Second step: Drawing the 8mm rod wire into smaller diameter wire sizes for next steps. Common wire sizes are 2.6mm or 1.35mm. These material wire sizes, during drawing process, also need to be annealed with some thousand ampere current. 

Third step: Material wire sizes are drawn, annealed & vanished closely.

The whole procedure need a big consummation of electricity that’s why the energy reach nearly 10% of the magnetic wire manufacturing cost.

LiOA is the first manufacturer in Vietnam which uses solar panel module with the total capacity until 3MW under workshop’s roof for all the melt–drawing-vanishing of the magnetic wire manufacturing’s procedure.This investment contributes to cost reduction & environment protection.

LiOA is ready to share experience about this procedure & would like to invite all the precious customers to come to visit our factory & the magnetic wire manufacturing procedure by solar panel module…