LiOA meet the President of GAE Group - Cuba

In the framework of the accompanying the President of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers of Cuba - Miguel Mario Diáz Canel Bermúdez – has visited official friendly Vietnam from November 8th – 10th, a meeting was held between Mr. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez Calleja – the President of GAE Group (one of Cuba’s largest corporation)- and top Vietnamese exporters which are exporting to Cuba, including LiOA.

GAE’s President – Mr. Luis Alberto’s sitting of the left of President Miguel Mario

Being the No.1 on supplying for GAE on the electrical products and the second on total amount export to GAE Group in Vietnam, LiOA had the honor to meet the President of GAE Group in the afternoon of 9th November 2018 at Melia Hotel.

The meeting took place in a warm, friendly and open atmosphere. GAE’s President stated that LiOA is currently the largest supplier of electrical products to GAE Group. LiOA' s products cover both residential segments to supply for Cuba's largest supermarket chains such as sockets, electrical appliances, wires, and so on. And products for some companies specializing in construction projects of hotels, resorts such as cables, outdoor lights. LiOA products are durable, nice, convenient and affordable. Therefore, they are very popular in Cuba. Currently, in Cuban market, LiOA is the brand that Cuban think of when it comes to electrical products.

 LiOA Products in La Havana electrical shop

On behalf of the LiOA delegation, Mr. Nguyen Tien Cong - Deputy General Director, gave a deep thanks to Mr. Luis Alberto and wish for his visits in Vietnam for the best results. Wishing for the GAE-LiOA's development is commensurate with the good relationship between the two ancient Vietnamese-Cuban.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Cong also spent a few minutes reviewing some emotional stories of President Fidel Castro’s affection for Vietnamese people as well as the emotionally of President Ho Chi Minh with Cuba country. GAE’s Presidnet is very touched by these historical stories and pledged together with LiOA on contributing to the development of the precious traditions that exist between two nations.

On this visits, Deputy General Director of LiOA - Mr. Nguyen Tien Cong has presented to Mr. Luis Alberto - President of GAE a souvenir Dong Son drum -  one of Vietnamese symbol for the spiritual culture. The present symbolizes the identity of Vietnamese with images depicting the daily life of the Lac Viet people in the period of founding the country, the image symbolizing the power and victory of the leaders. Leading and symbolizing the bumper harvests. The President of the GAE Group was very touched by the good sentiments that LiOA gave him during his visit to Vietnam.