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We all know very well that the magnetic wire manufacturing consumes a lot of electricity. Below is the process:

First step: Up casting from 99.99% copper cathode to 8mm rod wire. The copper cathode is melted at the temperature of 1,160oC in the copper furnace then up casted into 8mm diameter rod wire. 

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On the morning of the last July 16th, 2016, the honoring and awarding ceremony of “Famous brands – Competitive brands in Vietnam 2016” took place at Au Co Art Center – The Vietnam Dance Theatre (No. 8 Huynh Thuc Khang, Ba Dinh, Vietnam). At the ceremony, Institute of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Association of Vietnam awarded Certificate and Logo of “Top 20 leading famous brands in Vietnam 2016” to Nhat Linh Company Limited (LiOA brand).

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On 01/11/2014, LiOA has officially opened the fist showroom at No.2 Tuong Lai street, B2 floor, Vincom Center, Mega Mall-Times City.

Modern Trade with multifunctional Complex is the inevitable trend of the economy. There are more and more commercial centers with large-scale construction in the city. The trading centers become attractive to consumers for visiting and shopping, especialy at the holidays & weekends.

Catch the trend, LiOA has been planed to open a showrooms chain in the dense commercial centers of Hanoi & Hochiminh city,  started by Times City, in Hoang Mai district.

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This package is said to be the largest Bid of Electricity of Hanoi.

This Bid of Electricity of Hanoi is for  the Project: "Effective Power Distribution - in subproject: Improving  electricity grid in the old Hanoi area- Phase 2" financed by World Bank -  package credit No. Cr.5156 - VN. Bid’s Number is DEP - HNPC - HNC2 - G03 - L01, providing 24 kV underground cable 3x50mm2-3x150mm2 - 3x240mm2-3x300mm2 1x120mm2- AC cable 95mm2-120mm2-150mm2.

Joining the Bid with 7 cable manufacturers, including::  

  1. LS - Vina&HANAKA Joint-venture

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Office Address : No. 2, Alley 321, Vinh Hung street, Vinh Hung, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, Vietnam.
TEL: +84.24.36440701 
Fax: +84.24.36440700
Email: nhatlinh@lioa.com.vn


Export Department
Responsible: Ms Vu Thanh Nga
email: nga.pxk@lioa.com.vn
skype: vuthanhnga.lioa
Mobile: +84 904373568
Tel: +84 243 6440701 - Ext.488

Wholesale Distributor

North of Viet Nam
    Responsible: Mr Đang Huy Bao
    email: pcu@lioa.com.vn

South of Viet Nam
    Responsible: Mr Nguyen Thanh
    email: pcu.miennam@lioa.com.vn

Center of Viet Nam
    Responsible: Mr Le The Đong
    email: dong.sieuthi@lioa.com.vn

Retail Department 
   Responsible: Mr Le The Đong
   email: dong.sieuthi@lioa.com.vn

Project Department

Wire & Cable
Responsible: Ms Hoang Le Minh
Email: hoang_le.minh@lioa.com.vn
Mobile: +84 944 790 439 Tel: +84 221 3985321

Responsible: Mr Henry Nhạc
Email: nhac-henry@lioa.com.vn

Mobile: +84 904 208 804 Tel: +84 24 66 728 827

All other products (Power transformer; Switches & Lighting…)
Responsible: Mr Lê Mạnh Cường
Email: cuong.pda@lioa.com.vn
Mobile: +84 903450338 Tel: +84 243 6440701