In  Canton Fair 118, October 2015 . LiOA brought to this fair the unique outdoor lighting products and it made customer surprise. Different with metal products, which is eroded by tropical weather & dangerous in the rain . LiOA has researched and developed successfully the outdoor lighting product with superior features and it will overcome the disadvantage  of metal products.

Designed with Steel core , outside is the anti-shock plastic , anti-UV and corrosion; in the middle is foam layer , LiOA lampposts have different advantages :

+ The motifs on the lamppost is unique , crisp, delicate

+ Don't need  maintenance painting

+ Anti corrosion, rusty

+ Double insulation 

Thiết kế đèn này rất phù hợp với các nước có khí hậu nóng ẩm nhiệt đới như Việt Nam. Mang đến cho các dự án Resort, Hotel, Công viên, quảng trường, đại lộ...vẻ đẹp tinh tế, độc đáo và bền vĩnh cửu với thời gian...

This design is suitable for countries with hot and humid tropical climate like Vietnam. Bring to big projects such as Resort, Hotel, Parks, squares, boulevards with exquisite beauty, unique and durable eternal…

Our products have been warmly  welcomed by customers from many countries around the world.

Orders from India, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Maroco, Mexico ... was signed at the fair.

LiOA lamppost products with new technologies now available in some famous projects in Vietnam such as Ecopark, Flamingo Dai Lai ...

Canton Fair is the next milestone in the presence of LiOA's  new product on the international market ..